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Yusuf Musaji – President and Chief Executive Officer

Yusuf Musaji, is the Founder and CEO of Yusufali & Associates (Y&A). He has over 20 years experience within the IT and financial industry, including over seven years of recent experience developing, testing and analyzing disaster recovery strategies for major corporations especially during the aftermath of 911 attacks. His functional and technical areas of expertise include enterprise risk management, IT security and privacy, financial system development and implementation. He is widely published in IT, financial and security journals regarding IT/user relationships, and has authored two books, Auditing and Security, AS/400, NT, UNIX, Networks and Disaster Recovery Plans (2001), and Auditing the Implementation and Operation of ERP Systems (2003). Yusuf Musaji also served as an advisor on Audit and Security matters on the Gartner Research Group.

Yusuf Musaji has served as a consultant of Information System Security Services for IBM and was their IBM Best Team Member, consultant of Risk Assessment for Sungard Inc., where he developed and enhanced their Security and Business Continuity strategies, managed the Web Based and E-Commerce Application Development for Toronto Dominion Waterhouse Security Inc., where he played a strong role in the development of controls and security and served as Senior Manager of IT at Ernst and Young International, where he led the firms Integrated audit efforts and as Senior Manager of Risk Assessment for KPMG, LLP.

Professional Certifications

  • CPA – Certified Public Accountant, USA
  • CITP – Certified Information Technology Practitioner
  • CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional, International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc.
  • CGA – Certified General Accountant of Canada
  • CGMA – Certified General Management Accountant
  • CFF – Certified Financial Forensics
  • QSA – Qualified Security Assessor
  • PA-QSA – Payment Application – Qualified Security Assessor
  • PCIP – Payment Card Industry Professional


MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, Executive IT Management and Leadership

York University, Toronto, Canada, Bachelor of Computer Science

Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, Canada, Bachelor of Accounting


President – Essex Chapter, New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants

Board Member of the Arc of Essex County, a non profit agency serving persons with developmental disabilites

Dave Rogers – Chief Technology Officer

Dave Rogers is a seasoned IT veteran with more than 16 years of progressive experience in Information Technology, including governance, operations, development, security, and systems engineering. Rogers started his career as a network services consultant, designing, deploying, and managing network and infrastructure services for a variety of clients in the small to medium enterprise space. Over seven years, he provided comprehensive IT consulting services to more than four hundred clients.

Following his tenure as an end-to-end technical-solutions consultant, he designed and implemented a production On Demand (SaaS) services infrastructure and operations framework for an enterprise Workforce and Expense Management software development firm, for which he headed SaaS and IT operations for over a span of eight years. During this period, he provided consultation services for dozens of Fortune 500 and tier one organizations in the areas of infrastructure design and optimization, security architectural design, control-structure design and management, integration services, capacity planning, availability management, and many other IT-related services.

Rogers continued his career as an IT executive in the hospitality industry, responsible for production datacenter operations, systems engineering, and general IT services.

Rogers’ functional and technical areas of expertise include enterprise risk management, compliance (SOX, SAS-70), Information Security, IT Governance, ITIL, Six Sigma for IT, enterprise infrastructure services, disaster recovery / business continuity, IT business process design and optimization, software development processes, capacity planning and management, availability management, workflow optimization, production monitoring systems, with a specialty in enterprise J2EE systems.

Professional Certifications

  • ITIL Service Manager – EXIN
  • ITIL Foundations – EXIN
  • Six Sigma – Villanova


  • PINK ELEPHANT, Washington DC – ITIL Service Manager – Extended Training and Certification 2008
  • FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Tampa, Florida – Management of Information Systems, 2008
  • COMPUTER ASSOCIATES, Parsippany, NJ – ITIL Foundations – Boot Camp and Certification 2008
  • THOMAS EDISON STATE COLLEGE, Trenton, New Jersey – Management of Information Systems, 2004-2006
  • VILLANOVA UNIVERSITY, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Six Sigma Certified Quality/Process Engineer, 2003
  • UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX, Phoenix, Arizona – Business Administration, 2001-2003
  • MERIT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, Newark, NJ, 1999 – Advanced Network Engineering – Certificate

Ira Winkler – Chief Information Security Officer 

Ira Winkler is arguably one of the most recognizable names in the security field. He has made significant contributions to the profession, while performing extremely strategic work at some of the largest companies in the world.

ra’s success results from his ability to understand very diverse and complicated technologies, and then excelling at applying the understanding to clients and communicating the knowledge to management, practitioners, and laymen. He originally attained this understanding by identifying common trends in the way information and computer systems are compromised. He did this by performing penetration tests, where he physically and technically “broke into” some of the largest companies in the World and investigating crimes against them, and telling them how to cost effectively protect their information and computer infrastructure. He continues to perform these penetration tests, as well as assisting organizations in developing cost effective security programs. Ira also helped drive the creation of HP’s Security Services Center, which won the 2002 Secure Computing Best Security Service Award. Ira has also been inducted into the Information Systems Security Association’s Hall of Fame in December 2003, the highest award the ISSA bestows.

Ira’s books, including Spies Among Us, receive a wide variety of critical acclaim. Ira has also written the book Corporate Espionage, which has been described as the bible of the Information Security field, and the bestselling Through the Eyes of the Enemy. Both books address the threats that companies face protecting their information. He has also written over 100 professional and trade articles. He has been featured and frequently appears on TV on every continent. He has also been featured in magazines and newspapers including Forbes, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, Planet Internet, and Business 2.0. Ira is also a featured security columnist for ComputerWorld.com, among other major websites. He is also an International Director for the ISSA.

Professional Certifications

  • CISSP – Certification for Information Systems Security Professional
  • Computer Systems Analyst – Certification from NSA – EXIN


  • PhD Candidate, Information Systems, University of Maryland
  • MS Information Sciences, Bowie State University
  • BA Psychology, Syracuse University

Additional Information

Taught graduate and undergraduate Information Systems and Computer Science courses for several colleges including Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland

  • Performed studies on Information Warfare for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • Previously on a pseudo-advisory group to the FBI’s National Infrastructure Protection Center
  • Served on the California State Subcommittee on Terrorism’s Cyberterrorism Advisory Group
  • Serves on the Information Systems Security Association International Board of Directors

Professional Publications (Books)

  • Corporate Espionage – AISN 0761518096
  • Through the Eyes of the Enemy – ISBN 0895263904
  • Spies Among Us – ISBN 0764584685
  • Zen and the Art of Information Security – ISBN

Professional Publications (Articles) – extensive, but includes;

  • The Rise and Fall of the Information Security Industry, ISSA Password
  • Netspionage, IMG2.com
  • Audits, Assessments and Tests (Oh my!), Infosecurity Magazine
  • Stealing secrets, Smart Business Magazine
  • Columnist for ComputerWorld.com
  • Former Op-Ed columnist for TechTarget web site and their Infosecurity Magazine online and SearchSecurity mailing lists
  • Former correspondent/columnist for ZDTV/TechTV/G4, column titled “Spy Files”

Professional Appearances and Media Exposure

Ira has appeared on every major news venue, including Today, Good Morning America, Moneyline, ABC World News, Canada AM, CNN International, CNBC and CSPAN.

Ira has been featured on TV in Japan, Singapore, Brazil and Germany. He has also been featured in dozens of publications, including USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ComputerWorld, San Francisco Chronicle, Business 2.0 and other publications throughout the world. He has also been quoted in most notable publications throughout the world.

Professional Appearances and Media Exposure

Ira has keynoted almost all major security conferences around the world, as well as wide variety of conferences in related fields. What separates Ira from other speakers and professionals is his ability to break down complex issues into simple and entertaining presentations. His audiences appreciate the way he takes seemingly dry and difficult subjects and makes them fun and understandable. He relates to the technologists and the laymen.

The following is a summary of Ira’s speaking topics;

  • Social Networking Security Vulnerabilities
  • Identity Management
  • Cloud Security
  • E-Mail Security
  • Secrets of Superspies
  • Why Nothing has Changed Since September 11 th
  • What the Wizard of Oz says About Computer Security
  • eCommerce Security
  • Information Warfare – Hype and Reality
  • The Real Espionage Threat to Companies
  • Awakening Dragon: The True Threat that China Poses to Companies and the World
  • The New Russia
  • Love Online
  • The Internet Cultures

Keynote speaking events include:

  • RSA Europe, London, 2010
  • Federal Student Loan Conference, Washington, DC, 2010
  • RSA, San Francisco, 2010
  • Information Security, Victoria, 2010
  • SEMAFOR, Poland, 2010
  • RSA Europe, London, 2009
  • State of West Virginia, Charleston, 2009
  • Critical Infrastructure Conference, Calgary, 2009
  • Hacker Halted, Orlando, 2009
  • CSI, Las Vegas, 2009
  • Daimler, Stuttgart, 2008
  • ISF, Cape Town, 2007
  • InfoSec World, Orlando, 2007
  • RSA (various events), San Francisco, 2007
  • Financial Executives Institute, San Francisco, 2006
  • PetroBras Security Summit, Brazil, 2006
  • Information Security Conference, Bucharest, 2006
  • Infosec World Australia, Sydney, 2005
  • ComputerWorld Premier 100 Conference, Phoenix, 2005
  • CSO Perspectives Conference, Redondo Beach, 2006
  • Microsoft User Conference, Croatia, 2005
  • RSA Europe 2004, Barcelona
  • Secure IT Forum, London 2004
  • RSA Europe 2003, Amsterdam
  • SC Magazine Conference, London 2003
  • IDC Security Conference, Ireland 2003
  • RSA Japan 2003
  • RSA Security Conference 2003
  • Information Security World Asia 2003
  • HP World 2002
  • HTCIA 2002
  • ISSA Annual Conference 2001
  • Keynote speaker at the first Blackhat Conference in 1997
  • Corporate Espionage, DEFCON 1997

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